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Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 Tutorials and Lessons

This course covers basic computer components, file management and naming conventions, basic networking concepts, and basic commands. 

Course Objectives

Identify basic computer components.

Describe basic file management and naming conventions.

Describe basic networking concepts.

State the purpose of basic commands.


Working With Apps (a.k.a. 'Programs')

Opening and closing an app

Using the Start menu to start an app

Using the task bar to start an app

Using desktop icons to start an app

Working with more than one program at the same time

Switching between programs

How to play music

How to play video


Working With Files & Folders

Using File Explorer

Hard disks, USB sticks (also called thumb drives) and backup drives

The Cloud

Places to store and retrieve files

Changing the file view

Understanding different file types

Understanding folder structures

Opening and closing a folder

Navigating through folders

Selecting, opening and closing files

Creating and saving files

Renaming and deleting files

Moving and copying files between folders

Finding files

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Customizing The Desktop

Moving and organizing the desktop icons

Adding and removing desktop shortcuts

Adding and removing items from the Start menu

Adding apps to the Task Bar

Changing the desktop background

Changing the screen saver


Transferring pictures or video from a smartphone to the computer

Connecting the phone to the computer

Choosing which pictures to download and where to store them

Starting the download

Viewing your pictures

How to delete pictures from your phone


Email Basics (using Microsoft Mail or Microsoft Outlook)

How to send and receive email

How to use CC and BCC

Replying to or forwarding a message

Attaching a file to a message

Other relevant topics (such as contacts, calendar etc.) as appropriate 

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Exploring The Internet

What is a browser?

Using Google to search websites

Using Google Images to search (then save) images

Using Google Maps to plan a journey

How to navigate a web page

How to bookmark a favourite website



Using Cortana (using voice and typed search)

Using the 'Tell me what you want to do' tool

Searching for a program

Searching for a file


Using Dialog Boxes

What is a dialog box?

Tabbed pages

Text boxes

Drop-down lists

Option buttons

Tick boxes

Spinner buttons

Scroll bars

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